About Leanne Chase

After spending 10 years working in television and on special events, Leanne Chase entered the traditional corporate world. With little experience working 9 to 5, M-F she tried to adjust. At first it was okay, then she asked for more flexibility and got it, and then some of that flexibility was taken away. Since it easier to find a job when you have a job, she started looking for a new job in the corporate world that would afford her the flexibility she wanted to help balance her personal life.

She searched job boards, networked, talked to her friends in HR but still had no luck finding somewhere that would allow her flexibility as a new hire. She knew there were companies with employees working flexibly she just didn’t know where to find them or how they would find her.

So she started Career Life Connection so people like her could connect with companies who aren’t afraid of educated, experienced employees who choose not to fit into a M-F, 9 to 5, office world.

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