Coffee Klatch: This Week It’s All About the Donuts

Coffee Klatch: This Week It’s All About the Donuts
June 5th, 2009 | by Leanne

I’ve had a pretty heavy week and I just didn’t have a serious question in me this week. So did you partake in National Donut Day on Friday? And if so, which chain or non-chain did you choose? And finally did you know bringing donuts to an interview at one company may be a deal breaker?

I did not partake. I have nothing against donuts I was just busy with other things. I’ve celebrated my love of donuts on many days in the past and will again in the future. I don’t need a special day to do so…I’m a fan from way back…in moderation of course. Also for the record, I’m a Dunkin’ Donuts gal…maybe it’s because my home town is also the company’s HQ and where Dunkin’ Donuts University is – really!

It also appears that I would not have actually been able to partake in any promotion for that day as well, as I don’t drink coffee – cold caffeine is my drug of choice. So I’ll be happy to head to Dunkin’ Donuts and fork over my .89 for a chocolate glazed (or maybe even a chocolate coconut, or if I’m feeling truly indulgent a chocolate butternut) next week.

Also, “thank you” is inadequate for all the wonderful feedback and wishes regarding my last post. I was resistant to starting this blog and I was wrong in so many ways…it is clearly one of the best things I have done professionally and personally. While it is a lot of work what I get back is so very worth it.

Matt Grawitch – you win coffee again for your response to last week’s question – congrats on 2 weeks in a row…your super-sized Starbucks card is finally in the mail.

If you’d like to give your opinion on donuts, you can answer here, or on CLC’s facebook page or on twitter by sending a message to @leanneclc.

One participant will be chosen at random to win a coffee gift card for KrispyKreme or Dunkin’ Donuts or your favorite donut place provided it sells gift cards online or over the phone. Or if you’d like to save the calories and get coffee, Starbucks cards are easy to come by.

Enjoy the donuts and the conversation!

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