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Will You Be Leaving the Office Early on June 2nd?

Will You Be Leaving the Office Early on June 2nd? May 28th, 2009 | by Leanne Apparently June 2nd is the 5th annual “Leave the Office Earlier” day. Leave it to me to learn about this “holiday” when I own my own business, instead of the 4 previous years when I worked in an office Read More

An employee pledge

Last week I wrote a Worker’s Bill of Rights. And I’m sticking to it. I think these are common sense rights that actually do not cost companies money but strengthen the employee/employer relationship, increase productivity and the bottom line. To that end I think employees need to understand that while these rights may be “self-evident” Read More

What the Celtics win can teach you about leadership

’m sure many of you who also follow me on twitter and have friended me on Facebook are now sick of my “Let’s Go Celtics” mentality and rants. But I’m a rabid Boston fan and always have been…so sorry, that’s not going to stop. Besides while sports aren’t the most important thing in life (unless Read More

What I took from the Yahoo! and Best Buy News

What I took from the Yahoo! and Best Buy News April 8th, 2013 | by Leanne Chase I’m finally ready to weigh in on the not-so-recent news that Yahoo! brought their remote workforce back to the mother ship each day and that Best Buy is abandoning ROWE (Results Only Work Environment). When I had the Read More

The magic of a roundtable

I’ve always been a start-up, smaller company kind of gal. I think the largest organization I’ve ever worked for had about 160 employees – and that was big.

The Netflix email and attracting top talent

Yep I got that email yesterday. You know the one, the one from Netflix. In it I was told the service I now get for $9.99 a month will go up to more than $16 per month starting on Sept. 1st.

O Cubeland, wherefore art thou Cubeland?

I miss my old office job. There I said it. Yes, I know. I work from home and for myself. I set my own hours and have total flexibility. What could be better?

Taking “family” out of flexibility

Taking “family” out of flexibility December 2nd, 2010 | by Leanne Chase I just attended a very good conference. There was great information. There were exciting speakers. There were energized people talking who want to keep the conversation going. And that is great, but… Isn’t there always a but? The but is we need to Read More

Recruitfest: The view from a non-HR pro

HR/recruiters are still not listening to their audience or thinking like business people. They are obediently following orders but not challenging them enough or thinking on how to improve upon them.

What will be your “retirement job?” I think I’ve already found mine

I remember being very little and my grandparents retired to New Hampshire. Of course I didn’t know what that meant. I knew it meant they lived far away (3 1/2 hours by car back then), I knew it meant that anytime I was there they had lots of time with me, I grew to learn Read More

One year later…adjustment, happiness, and waiting

One of the unintended consequences of this blog is that people seek me out for advice. Now, I’m not shy and I’m happy to tell you what I think…but at the same time, I just didn’t expect that.

Who do you trust?

Something’s been bugging me since I left the ERE Expo in San Diego a couple of weeks ago. It’s the sense that businesses just don’t get it.

Is Your Workforce Spent?

I have been known to be tough on HR practitioners on this blog. But there are many out there who are forward thinking and understand the crossroads the work world is at. After all it affects their work/life more in many ways than the rest of us. And many of them face the same challenges Read More

Work-life news for the week ending October 3, 2009

In the News Working Better project: An equal future (The Guardian – UK) All of us – mothers and fathers, carers and older people – need to balance our working lives with our other responsibilities. Even young people are aware of these considerations: in a 2008 survey of Oxbridge graduates, a majority in every sector Read More

Work-Life News for the Week up to September 25, 2009

The news comes early this week as I’m shutting the laptop down and enjoying some family time. I am loving the “Out of Office” response I’m crafting in my mind. It will be something like: “Yes, I will have access to email…but no, I’m not going to be checking it. A decision made partly from Read More

Workers’ health, HR’s failure and employees’ responsibilities

I listened in on a webinar yesterday with Ellen Galinsky of the Families and Work Institute about “The State of Health In the American Workforce.” Two of the best nuggets I took away were

Let’s Talk Workplace Flexibility

That is my mission of the day. To talk about it, record interviews with those who live it, and to be on’s live show – perhaps the most flexible job I know…albeit with a pesky dress code. And inevitably I will be asked “What is your definition of workplace flexibility?” I’m at ERE Expo, Read More

Workplace Flexibility Through My Years

I was thinking about the great debate on who needs more flexible work options, how old they are and why they need them recently. Probably mostly because of the great Jack Welch brouhaha that has taken the focus of flexibility at work and put that focus squarely back on why women don’t succeed in the world of work…raising a family is bad for your career.

Workplace Flexibility News for the week ending July 18, 2009

In the News Jack Welch and Work-Life Balance – My Week of Trying to Do It All ( I don’t regret my choices of the past four days , but in trying to do it all and ‘balance’ my daughter’s needs with my own, I am physically exhausted. This week has shown me that ‘doing Read More

Workplace Flexibility in the News for the Week Ending July 11, 2009

In the News Survey Names Cornell Great Place to Work (The Ithaca Journal) Cornell University has been chosen for the Chronicle of Higher Education’s list of Great Colleges to Work For, based on nearly a dozen measures, including compensation and benefits, confidence in senior leadership, and work-life balance. Five Reasons To Implement Mobile Solutions (IP Read More

One step forward, one back, two sort of sideways…on Workplace Flex

Last week was a weird week…many of us were focused on the holiday weekend and on our own workplace flexibility and may have missed some of the articles/news that came out. Here’s my take on the odd week that was while many of us were distracted: Flex needs gender neutrality – According to an article Read More

Workplace Flexibility in the News for the Week Ending June 27, 2009

In the News City offers flexible work schedules (Suffolk News Herald, Virginia) The city of Suffolk plans to offer some flexible scheduling options to its employees beginning next month, the city’s human resources director said. “We want to provide employees with what we call a work/life balance,” said Human Resources Director Ronnie Charles. “It helps Read More

Coffee Klatch: This Week It’s All About the Donuts

I’ve had a pretty heavy week and I just didn’t have a serious question in me this week. So did you partake in National Donut Day on Friday

Workplace Flexibility in the News for the Week Ending 5/16/09

Workplace Flexibility Adds to National Debate (HR News – SHRM) A new report from Workplace Flexibility 2010 outlines a comprehensive set of policy solutions that the Georgetown University Law Center-based think tank hopes will serve as a blueprint to expand Americans’ access to flexible work arrangements (FWAs). Paid Sick Days Bill Teed Up; Groups Start Read More

Workplace Flexibility News for the Week Ending 5/8/09

“The recession is not having an impact on the progress of women in business,” said one woman surveyed. “To the contrary, talent is now valued more than ever, in whatever form it presents itself.”