Flexible Jobs for Professionals

With 76% of baby boomers wanting to work flexible jobs as they enter retirement and 79% of mothers wanting to work fewer than 40 hours/week it is no wonder that flexibility has become a hot topic in the workplace. Companies that have heeded their workers requests are winning… 13 of 15 companies that won the Wall Street Journal’s 2008 Top Small Workplaces offer flexible work options. Also a look at any of the “Best Places to Work…” lists shows a familiar theme – these companies offer their employees some form of flexibility like reduced work weeks, telecommuting, job share programs, sabbaticals and generous maternity and paternity leaves.

Flexibility cannot be a one way street, however. Employees need to understand that with flexible work conditions come expectations… that work will be completed well and on time, that a reduced salary may be needed in return for reduced hours, and that employees need to be available when they say they will be.

Career Life Connection provides a place for employers and employees to discuss the subject of flexibility in the workplace and aims to specifically:

Connect educated, experienced individuals with corporations who take their business seriously while understanding the need their employees have to balance personal commitments and passions.

Connect individuals who would like to break out of the traditional workweek with others who have done so successfully.

Connect HR professionals who are seeking to attract and retain talent through better work-life policies with experienced HR people who have had success doing so.

Provide resources to foster flexibility in today’s workplace allowing for fulfilling careers and more balanced lives.